While nature has its fair share of disastrous powers, the human race is arguably more destructive in essence. Carrying on with our list of recent animal extinctions, we continue to examine and reflect on the negative part we’ve played. Hopefully these issues will be brought to light and more awareness will gained to protect endangered animals.

#5 Pyrenean Ibnex

Pyrenean Ibnex only became extinct fifteen years ago, when the last one passed away at the age of 13. They were endangered since the commencement of the 20th century, with only around 100 Pyrenean Ibnex left in its estimated population. Interesting, this animal was the first extinct one to be brought back to life with cloning technologies. However, the clone passed away shortly due to an organ failure.

#6 Bubal Hartebeest

Once a free roamer of plains in Africa and the Middle East, this antlered, mythical creature faced extinction due to over hunting by European recreational hunters. It is highly unfortunately, as their existence is deeply rooted in many cultures. In fact, they came in wide numbers and were once domesticated by ancient Egyptians. The last one died in the Paris Zoo in 1923.

#7 Javan Tigers

Javan Tigers were met with a similar, tragic fate – but most were killed not by recreational hunting, but by urbanization. As cities erupted and expanded on the Indonesian Island of Java, the Javan Tigers had nowhere to go. In fact, they were so common at one point that these animals were deemed as irritating pests. Through relenting poisoning and the destruction of their habitats, these tigers were eventually drove to extinction.

#8 Baji River Dolphin

One of the most recent animals to go extinct, the Baji River Dolphin’s nonexistence was officially declared in late 2006. They once swam the waters of Chinese river, but succumbed to the countries’ rapid industrialization. Ships and ports suddenly grow bigger in size, and a surge of toxic waste was dumped into rivers without much regulation. Despite actives searches this past decade, the adorable Baji River Dolphins were never seen again.

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