by m1kek0b3 | September 7, 2015 8:20 pm

Ever heard the saying that we humans are the most selfish beings on earth? Well they may not be too far off from the truth when you examine the number of animals that went extinct because of human activities. Here was have rounded up some wild animals that are recently extinct, in memory of their existence.

#1 Thylacine

Also known as the Tasmanian Tiger, this carnivorous mammal went extinct in 1936. Although it has been announced earlier that year Thylacines are endangered animals, the last one died in a Tasmania zoo, as a consequence of horrible neglect. These tigers are once a breed that roams the wilderness, but they face annihilation with overhunting. It wasn’t until it was too late that we realized they will soon disappear off the face of the earth, and vanished they did.

#2 Quagga

Quagga has quite the legendary look – it resembles the Zebra, but it only has stripes on its head. The rest of its body is characterized by a reddish-brown coat. This makes it look almost half Zebra, half horse. It is recorded that Quaggas in the wild were seen last in 1870, and the last living one died in captivity in 1883. Like the Thylacine, mankind did not know that Quaggas were facing extinction, and hence were hunted relentlessly until their disappearance.

#3 Passenger Pigeon

This small bird once soared in high numbers – and this was less than two centuries ago. They once were the most commonplace avian creatures in North American, flocking in number of billions. In those times, meat from pigeon hunts were sold in markets and seen as economical food, chiefly bought for slaves consumed by those in poverty. They were also viewed as a possible threat to farms. In this tragic tale, the last surviving Passenger Pigeon passed away in isolation in 1914.

#4 Caribbean Monk Seal

The most despairing extinction story on this list – Caribbean monk seals are extinct directly due to human acts. They once freely swam the Caribbean waters, and were sadly the first mammal spotted by explorer Columbus. Under his instruction, many of these “sea wolves” were slaughtered for food, initiating later explorers who followed to do the same. They were also ruthlessly hunted for their oil. The last recorded seal passed away in 2008, and they were announced extinct.

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