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While humans might be proud of their intelligence as a “higher species”, it is a misguided conception that we are singlehandedly the smartest breed in this planet. Animals cannot match humans in terms of computational and cognitive processing, but they can outsmart mankind in functional tasks and survival skills. Continuing with our list of intelligent animals, here are a few more that may make you rethink the aptitude of the human race.

#5 Dolphin
The intellectual capabilities of Dolphins continue to amaze scientists. They adorable sea animals adapt easily to any environment. For example, they would put sponges on their noses for greater protection from the rocky sea floor. Dolphins would make a wonderful friend, and they have been proven to recall what the communication of other fellow Dolphins for over 20 years. They also make for a wonderful tag-team with fishermen, and are able to notify whenever fishes have landed in the fishing nets. A little narcissistic perhaps, dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror as well!

#6 Crow

Perhaps the smart of them all, crows are definitely an intelligent species. They are characterized by profound self-awareness and have the ability to count things. Much like us humans, they can solve problematic tasks by prioritizing. Crows have also been able to demonstrate impressive abilities in using tools, for instance, they can make pieces of wire they collect into hooks. It is no wonder that crows are one of the few animals who can survive along the side of human in our concrete gardens, despite our continual terrorism on the natural habitats of animals.

#7 Cockatoos

Inquisitive and a little whimsical by nature, the cockatoos have demonstrated impressive displays of intelligence. Researchers have proved that these beautiful birds are capable of solving issues by utilizing multiple steps. For example, they can investigate how a complicated cage lock functions through step-by-step problem solving. Cockatoos are also extremely observant, and are able to replicate the successful tactics used by fellow birds. Hence, if you have one cockatoo escape a cage – chances are, the rest of the other watching cockatoos will also fly away. Furthermore, these delightful birds are also masters of dance!

#8 Dog
It is our pleasure to announce man’s best friend on this list. Despite the fact that most modern dogs now do not reside in the wilderness, this animal has proven their survival skills both in the wild and in a domesticated setting. In fact, we do not give enough credit to the contemporary dog’s intelligence because of their obedient nature to human commands. They have their fair share of cognitive power, as dogs can understand and remember up to a thousand different vocabularies. This is why some dogs are placed in service – they can interpret human emotions, and often display high levels of creativity and intellect in their work.

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