by m1kek0b3 | September 7, 2015 8:16 pm

It pains us whenever we come across individuals who think animals have less intelligence because they are unable to speak and converse as humans do. In fact, there are many intelligent creatures in the wild, and some are arguably smarter than humans at certain tasks. We begin our list with some of the brightest animals in the world.

#1 Bee
Busy bees – the symbol of diligence and a good metaphor for most parts of our 21st century lifestyle – these tiny creatures are born with amazing memory. In fact, they have a photographic recollection of every encountered flower for miles. They also humbly learn from each other’s, and would consult the wiser adults where the best blooms can be found. Furthermore, bees are actually natural engineers as well, proven by the complicated honeycombs they are able to build.

#2 Octopus
It is not surprising that World cup fans were sad when Paul the Octopus passed away. He was quite the smart football oracle. Octopuses are very intelligent, despite their floppy looks with their doughy limbs. They have their own systems to spread cultural information, and are able to copy the moves of others. They can also convey messages via colors and patterns. With high spatial and navigating capabilities, they are not one to be underestimated.

#3 Elephants
With Dumbo being such a popular Disney member, elephants in reality are anything but “dumb”. Despite their heavy, slow size and their leisurely movements, these creatures often demonstrate acts of wisdom and benevolence. They also possess an incredible memory, and can recall those they have befriended 50 years ago. With their collaborative nature, it is no wonder that Elephants make for incredible artists at performances.

#4 Ants
Before judging them for their less attractive outward appearance – ants are actually virtuous creatures. They are one of the best team players in the animal kingdom, but also exhibit high individual intelligence. Their good memories and spatial skills can them in navigation of far distances and long travels. They also display true altruism for their family and comrades. They are also one of the rare breeds that have established signs of agriculture, long before humans did.

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