We have always thought that humans are a higher being, with our books and fancy technology. However, we have much to learn from animals in the wild. Growing up with the help of education – the animals on this list has learned and adapted to survive in most dire environments. Let’s take a look at some of the most admirable survivors in the animal kingdom.

#1 Camels

With deserts being one of the most unfavorable geographic locations for humans, Camels shine in their survival skills in these regions. Residing mostly in Asia and Africa, the two-humped Bactrian Camels and one-humped Arabian Camels are both masters in carrying reserves. They store water in their humps much like we would with a water bottle. Furthermore, they are able to remain hydrated and maintain body temperatures despite living in intense heat.

#2 Tarigrades

Unseen to human eyes, these microscopic animals lives mainly in mossy areas. Tarigrades, resembling some sort of an eight-legged bug, also has the adorable nickname of “Water Bears”. This is because they can survive in boiled or frozen waters. These tough nuts can endure a thousand more times radiation than we can. With fossils dating back from over 500 million years ago, there is more than enough prove that Tarigades are strong survivors.

#3 Cockraoches

Thought we hate to admit it, cockroaches would make better survivors than mankind. Notoriously fast and able to evade slipper attacks and desperate bug sprays — these little critters are difficult to slaughter even with high amounts of poison and radiation. Some say that cockroaches will be the only one to survive a nuclear doomsday.

#4 Crows

While indigenous people praise these jet-black ravens their beauty and intelligence, many other cultural groups view crows as an urban pest. However, we cannot blame these birds. Instead, they are one of the few animals that can survive in the human civilization, thriving despite the fact that our concrete walls have taken over their natural habitat. With their sharp response, they fear not even oncoming vehicles in the pursuit of a road kill meal.

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