For those of you who love hiking, exploring and the great outdoors – here are commonly recommended ways to react should you chance upon a bear. Not all bears will be aggressive towards humans, but they will attack if provoked. Should you see one, remind yourself to remain calm. Read on to learn about the recommended safety measures.

#1 You see a bear: do not run

While humans are generally engineered to flee should we run into trouble, this certainly is not a fight or flight scenario. Really, you should do neither. If you chose to run, it will naturally trigger the bear to give chase. They can sprint at 30 miles per hour, and will surely catch up to you. Needless to say, hands-on fighting with a bear is not a smart option either.

#2 The bear does not see you: detour

If the bear did not spot you initially, swiftly take a detour. However, as stressed above – do not run or make any sudden moves. Instead, back off quickly. It is important to gain as much distance as you can between yourself and the bear, to allow it comfortable space. Should it feel that you are invading its territory, it will be enraged for being disturbed and threatened.

#3 The bear does see you: back away

In the case that the bear did notice your existence, back away with gentle movements. To prove that you mean no aggression, talk in a low and firm voice. Make slow, waving gestures with your arms, but avoid sudden movements by all means. If the bear is standing on its hind legs, chances are it is only trying to analyze you.

#4 The bear spots you and charges at you: stand still

Bizarre as it may sound, a bear sometimes charges at a target just to test its reaction. At those times, it is best to stand on your guard. If you are carrying your backpack, keep that on you for extra protection from its claws. If the bear sense no threat from you, it may stop mid way its charge and veer off.

#5 The bear charges at you and make contact

In the worst scenario that the bear does charge at you to attack, curl up immediately into a ball-like posture. This will protect your stomach and neck. Play dead to avoid further aggravation from the bear. However, playing dead will not work on the black bear. In that case, you have no choice but to fight back.

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