5 Strangest Animal Lingo

We tend to think of human as the master of speech and communication – but it turns out that animal have their own secret lingo that is just as complex and impressive. In this article, we take a look at a few strange method animals use to convey message with each other. Some of these facts may shock and amuse you.

#1 Descriptive Prairie Dog

While we tend to crown dolphins and ravens as the world’s most intelligent animals, we should also give prairie dogs some attention. Those adorable desert rodents have one of the most intricate non-human languages in the whole animal kingdom. In fact, researchers have found that they can describe their surroundings and predators in details – down to size, colors and shapes. If you ever encounter a group of prairie dogs, they could very well be gossiping behind your back.

#2 Morse Code Beetles

For the cautious beetles, it can be unsettling when you have to journey through vast forest and infinite tunnels. To help one another out on their paths, they utilize a system that is very similar to our Morse code matrix. They create messages by tapping their head and utilize the echoes of tunnels to deliver the memorandum.

#3 Individualistic Elephant Voices

While we acknowledge that human all have voices that are different and unique from one another, we tend to believe the voices of animals to be quite singular. This is proven wrong by research conducted on elephants, where biologists discovered that these large animals each possess a distinctive voice. In fact, elephants are able to identify each other by their individual calls.

#4 Talking Fetus Chicks

This one really is unusual – a mother hen can talk to her unborn child. While talking fetuses are largely unheard of, these chicks are able to respond to their mother’s clucking around twenty-four hours before hatching. A conversing egg sure makes for a strange sight to see.

#5 Sleep Talking Dolphins

While sleep talking borders on embarrassments and creepiness for humans, this is an actual behavioral norm for dolphins. In fact, dolphins speak a second language in their slumber. They have been recorded to sing in their sleep, in voices that are quite different from the sounds they make in their waking hours.

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5 Strangest Animal Lingo

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