by m1kek0b3 | September 7, 2015 8:25 pm

While we think that albinism is found mainly in the human race, this colorless condition has also produced its share of beautiful animals. In this article, we highlight some of the most rare albino animals – from small birds to large land mammals to marine animals. It looks as if someone has sprinkled fairy dust onto these incredible creatures.

#1 Albino Moose

Found mainly in northern regions – in winter wonderland – an albino moose looks like the ghost of a Christmas past. The lack of pigmentation works well for this animal, allowing it to camouflage in snowy grounds. Albino moose were once spotted in north Ontario in Canada.

#2 Albino Hummingbird

Being one of the tiniest breed of bird, an albino hummingbird is even more sweet and delicate looking than is bright green counterpart. It was first spotted in a garden in Virginia, the eastern regions of North America. It immediately caught the attention of the media, and many set out to hunt them down. Luckily, the amazing agility and speed of these birds protects them from harm.

#3 Albino Whale

Albino whales are the real life Moby Dick – the well-known great white whale in literature. An albino humpback was seen for the first time in Queensland, off the seashores of Australia. Several albino orcas were also spotted later on the coast of Russia as well. Albino whales have the disadvantage of a lower immune system, but so far they are able to survive the wild just fine.

#4 Albino Crow

This creature is rather ironic – as crows symbolize a “black omen” in folklores and popular cultures. Although white ravens were initially logged only by the legends written by indigenous groups in North America, albino crows do exist. In fact, since photographers first discovered them, they have gained celebrity status for their elegance and beauty.

#5 Albino Gorilla

There is only one albino gorilla recorded in our history – and that is the infamous white gorilla, Snowflake. He was born in Guinea, and spent most of his life in Spain, under close care at the Barcelona Zoo. He looks like an adorable old man, and has always been a favorite amongst visitors.

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