It is in human nature to temper and experiment with all things new, and crossbreeding wild animals has elicited some interest with researches. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most notable animal hybrids in history – some introduced by men and some bred in the wild.

#1 Zebroids
A striking mix of zebra and any member of the equidae race, zebroids is the common name give to zorse (horse mix), zonkey (donkey mix) and zony (pony mix). Most of these animals are quite interesting to look at, with their irregular patches of solid and striped coat. Unfortunately, many zebroids are born infertile, making it hard to continue their bloodline.

#2 Dzo
A hybrid between a yak and a farm cow, the dzo is much larger in size than its two ancestors. These animals yield a higher production in milk and meat, rendering this cross breeding experiment a success. They are primarily employed in Tibet and Mongolia as labor animals because of their superior strength.

#3 Cama
The first cama is bred in a Dubai laboratory by mixing the camel with a lama. This is a deliberate experiment as researchers tried to create an animal that possessed the stature of a camel with the relaxed tempers of a lama. These camas are always fertile as its two parents have a matching amount of chromosomes. So far, six successful camas has been conceived in this world.

#4 Grizzly-Polar Bear

While unheard of in the past, as Grizzlies tend to breed in forest regions while Polars conceive their young ones on ice – the grizzly-polar hybrid happens in the wild. Researchers believe that with global warming, many polar bears are forced to migrate south, where they would encounter their grizzly counterparts. These hybrids are fertile and may one day lead to a new breed of bears.

#5 Liger
The infamous liger is everyone’s favorite hybrid, as it combines the superpowers of nature’s most dominating big cats. The liger is bred with a male lion and a female tiger, but can grow to double the size of its parents. It tends to share characteristics of the two breeds both in appearance and behavior. With a bushy, proud mane and a stripe body, ligers are quite the fascinating sight.

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