Many believe that monogamy is something that is found only in human societies, but these individuals cannot be further from the truth. In fact, some animals display more loyalty and respect towards their partner more than we humans do. Mankind themselves are not biologically prone to being monogamous, and only a meager 3% of mammals are. Read on to discover nature’s most romantic animals – perhaps we can learn a thing or two from them.

#1 Albatrosse

Close in resemblance to way human mates, the Albatrosse also has a dating system of their own. Like us, these seabirds do take some time to mature sexually, and some takes up to 10 years to develop their sexual drive. They are not ones who would fall easy prey to one-night stands. Their elaborate mating rituals have stages of dance, deep gazes and singing. Their courtship is one of heart and effort.

#2 Great Hornbills

Another bird makes it to the list – the Great Hornbills are a monogamous species that are loyal and devoted to their partners. Pairs of Hornbills would sing to each other, performing sweet duets before mating. With the male in lead vocal, it would begin the tune and the female would join in with her own melodious line. They also split up the responsibility of caring for their young ones, a rare sight even in our human societies.

#3 Lovebirds

There is no way love birds would not make it to this list, for romance is what crowned them their names. These parrots are hopeless romantics, devoted to one partner in their lifetime and makes cuddling with each other a habit. It is no wonder that people actually give Lovebirds as wedding gift, symbolizing eternal love.

#4 Garden Snails

Though most would not pay too much attention to these clammy pests, Garden Snails also have a very romantic courtship system. In fact, they are like little cupids – they shoot out slimy “darts of love” to their desired partners. Though it may not sound appealing, these darts are much like human sperms that will fertilize the female partner and bring on new generations of Garden Snails.

#5 Bonobos

A little different from the monogamous species listed above, Bonobos are the free spirited romantics. They do not seek life long partners, but share their love in equal portions with all other Bonobos in their environment. In fact, their romance is an opened one – and they would kiss and engage in other forms of intimacy publicly.

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