From runners to swimmers to fliers – many animals are born with impressive stamina and speed. Some are larger in size, while others are slim and sleek. Whether it is to outrun a predator or to strike with swiftness at a hunt, these creatures have the perfect built for their survival needs. With amazing figures and data to prove, let’s take a look at who is the fastest of them all.

#1 Peregrine Falcon
Due to their airy nature and their skills in flight, birds have the upper hand when it comes to being fast. The Peregrine Falcon is especially fleet and nimble, and it is able to dive at 200 miles per hour. This renders it a most feared hunter, as it is able to catch its prey with amazing accuracy. While it does not fly as fast normally, the Peregrine Falcon has the fastest dive in this world.

#2 Frigate Bird
While the Peregrine Falcon takes its time on day-to-day flights, the Frigate Bird is the opposite. Its flight can reach up to 95 miles per hour, a speed that is faster than most cars found on the highway. With the spectacular built of its wide wings, it can stay in flight for profoundly long periods of time, up to over a week. It is hard to match this bird’s speed and stamina.

#3 Sail Fish
While we have the Peregrine and Frigate as the speedy captains in the air, we have Sail Fish as the world’s fastest animal in the sea. Like its name suggests, it can reach up to speeds of 68 miles per hour – a momentum close to that of the Frigate Bird. If it is possible this fish to be on land, it would be able to swim beside your car, and keep up.

#4 Pronghorn Antelope
The Pronghorn Antelope is the second fastest land animal in the world. Although all antelopes are characterized by their fast speed, the Pronghorn Antelope wins in this regard amongst its breed. Interestingly, they are faster than their predators, allowing them to outrun most dangers.

#5 Cheetah

The fastest land animal on the planet is the Cheetah. Reaching speeds of 61 miles per hour, this fast animal is a swift predator on its nimble paws. A natural hunter, the Cheetah is a threat to other animals that share the same geographic habitat. However, despite high agility and speed, the Cheetah would prefer sprinting to long distance running.

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