by m1kek0b3 | September 7, 2015 8:30 pm

Animal lovers have always debated that animals deserve rights just as humans do. Unfortunately, most individual failure to realize the heavy impact we have on the natural world and the hazardous consequences we introduce to the animal kingdom. Here are five most highly debated acts of animal cruelty, depicting the dire results of our actions.

#1 Fur Trade
Using animal fur for clothing is an age-old issue that has been persisting since the beginning of time. While we are no longer cavemen, and have invented incredible technology that can make garments from woven fibers – animal fur is still highly used in the fashion industry. In fact, every year approximately fifty million animals are slaughtered inhumanely just for their luscious coat.

#2 Whale Hunting

These sea mammals have it worst when it comes to being hunted for human use. In many regions on this planet, it is customary for fisherman to herd in thousands of dolphins and whales to kill, dying the oceans a shuddering bright red. Images and videos from these incidents are heart breaking to see.

#3 Medicine
Surprisingly, wild animals are often used in the field of medicine. One notable example is the Chinese use of endangered tigers in their antidotes. In fact, they claim that tiger bones, skin, whiskers, tail and gall bladder can heal diseases. Other commonly used animals in medicine are leopards, sharks, elephants, turtles, deer and bears.

#4 Zoo
One most prominent way that way animals are subjected to human desires is their captivity in zoos. This calls for one of the most heated debates, as animals that naturally belong in the wilderness are cage merely for mankind’s entertainment. Thankfully, zoos have come a long way with higher regulations and cautious attention to endangered species.

#5 Food

Most of us probably do not give a second thought to our food on the table. In our society, consuming animal meat is a norm. When you examine the figures though, it could be a shock. Approximately 140 billion animals are slaughtered as food for mankind annually. While a large portion comes from farmed animals, there is enough wild game in the mix for animal lovers to consider becoming vegetarians or vegans.

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