5 Busted Animal Myths

When we know little or nothing about a foreign subject matter, we tend to let our imaginations go off on a tangent. It also does not help that urban legends are often carelessly passed around, only to blow up as fresh material by the media. Here are five things we’ve been taught about wild animals that may not hold too much truths. Let’s take a look at which animal myth is about to be revoked.

#1 Touching a toad gives one warts.

This urban myth is commonly accepted, which is quite shocking as there is absolutely no truth to this statement. This misconception probably initiated from the fact that toads themselves are covered with warts – and people then made up this belief to discourage young ones from playing with these slimy creatures. While many toads may carry other forms of bacteria on their skin, a warts-giving virus is certainly not one.

#2 Goldfish possess a bad memory.

Whoever made up this myth should be ashamed of themselves. In fact, despite their dazed looks, Goldfish are nowhere near forgetful or half-witted. In fact, they have a strong memory and are able to recall things even after weeks have passed. Researchers have also had success in training these cute little orange fishes to perform complicated tasks. Any myth regarding their poor memory should be dispelled.

#3 “Bury their head in the sand like ostriches”

Again, there is little truth in the myth that ostriches tend to burrow their head into the ground when faced with danger. While this is a common saying coined by an ancient Roman writer – ostriches in the wild do not perform this act at all. Often judged as a foolish bird, these large animals are actually capable of fleeing or defending themselves with a strong kick in dire situations.

#4 Bulls will rage when they spot red.

The sport of bullfighting is completely based on this false conception. Actually, most animals do not distinguish colors as humans do. In fact, bulls cannot tell the difference between red, blue, green or any other colors. What aggravates them more is probably the ridiculousness of a strange man dressed in flashy attire while waving a random piece of cloth in front of a boisterous crowd. It would be hard not to get agitated.

#5 Koala “bear”

Last but not least, the final myth surrounds these adorable, fussy Australian bears. However, koalas are technically not bears, but are only called so because they resemble miniature teddies. In fact, they are closely related to wombats. Perhaps it is time for koala bears to get a proper name change.

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5 Busted Animal Myths

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