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It is hard to imagine how one can endure the immense cold and vast barrenness in arctic tundra. Yet, animals in the wild tend to have their ways when it comes to survival. Some would migrate down south to escape the impossible winter. Others have developed physical immunity towards the intense chill of the northern regions. Here we have narrowed down five impressive arctic animals that have learned to cope with the cold.

#1 Lemmings

The adorable mice of the arctic tundra, Lemmings are able to endure months of frozen weather. This is due to their extremely thick coat, which gives them a cute, fluffy resemblance to a round fur ball. Non-aggressive towards humans, these creatures are rather shy. In fact, they burrow themselves in snow during the winter. With the similar concept as Igloos, the snow function as an insolated home for Lemmings.

#2 Arctic Hare

We know and love bunnies for their sweet, innocent demeanor, but Arctic Hares may be the cuddliest species of rabbit on this planet. The way they cope with the cold is huddle in large groups – numbering in groups of hundreds at times. This is done so that they could provide each other with body warmth and protection. At the face of danger, however, an Arctic Hare cluster is able to scatter with rabbit-speed and take off in all directions.

#3 Ground Squirrels

While the poor hares cuddle each on snowy hills, the ground squirrels are smart enough to burrow deep below grounds in their comfortable dens. This species like to plan ahead, and dig their dens months before the artic winter sets in. They are engineers as well – and would lay animal hair, leaves and moss in their dens for insolation. When all is set, they would go into hibernation for a cozy winter slumber.

#4 Musk Ox

Unlike other delicate, snow-white animals on this list, the Musk Ox is mainly black. Characterized by its thick, long fur, each strand of hair is hollow that acts as an impressive insulator to trap its body heat. Its hair is so long that this oxen look as though they are wearing a tent. Like the Arctic Hare, the Musk Ox also possesses the habit of huddling in groups.

#5 Polar Bear

This domineering arctic animal probably “bears” best with the immense cold. Equipped not only with thick fur that provides insolation, the Polar Bear also has a blubber layer and a coat of protective oils. They not only can survive the chilly, snowy lands – they can also swim freely in the frozen arctic waters.

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