by m1kek0b3 | September 7, 2015 8:19 pm

It is no news that the activities of humans affect animal’s lives and natural habitat on a daily basis. Unfortunately, too few of us truly understand the negative impact we create. For example, water contamination poses a serious problem for the survival of wild animals. To raise awareness, we have listed ways our water pollution are performing murderous acts.

#1 Consumption of Plastic

With over millions of plastic produced annually, a large percentage winds up in the ocean. This litter can stem from rubbish that are swept into the ocean and transport goods that lands in the ocean during a stormy shipment. Sadly, this waste is often mistaken as food by birds and other marine mammals. If we can’t survive with consuming plastic, neither will those poor whales.

#2 Chemical Overflow

Yes, we know that pesticides and fertilizers are necessary to elevate the efficiency of farming crops. While it may seem important to us that our food sources are taken care off, these chemicals has led to severe environmental damage. Chemical leaks often run off from farmlands into waterways, destroying the lives and habitats of many creatures who resides in the waters.

#3 Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a topic that is less discussed, but it should not be ignored. This is mainly caused by disrupting sound waves from ship and radar devices. These sounds can pass on for miles, rattling the communication, migration and feeding patterns of many ocean dwellers, throwing their natural world into chaos. This can lead to chronic stress, much like how humans would react to constant mental irritation.

#4 Cruise Ships

The next time you board a cruise ship, perhaps you would want to think twice. Due to relaxed laws and restriction, these ocean entertainments for humans operate under little environmental administration. Hence, they are allowed to freely dump dirty sewage that has undergone absolutely no treatment. Sadly, bacteria, oils and toxic waste go directly into the ocean without any restrain.

When it comes to helping the environment, a small act of respect and consideration will go a long way. With collaborated efforts, we can diminish our harm to the wild animals, and give them the peaceful life they deserve.

Source URL: http://theexoticanimals.com/4-ways-we-kill-animals-with-water-pollution/