by m1kek0b3 | September 7, 2015 7:47 pm

Our beloved puppies, kittens and pets may be the apple of our eye, but there are actually a lot of cute animals that reside in the wilderness. In this article, we continue our list of nature’s most adorable creatures. In no particular order, let us take a look at whose cuteness made the cut.

#6 Black-footed Cats
These little guys look a lot like our domesticated cats, with stripes, fluffy fur and wide cat-eyes. Unlike most wildcats, which are larger in size, the Black-footed Cats are pint-sized. They weigh only around three to five pounds. Residing in Africa, this species hunt alone and at night. Do not underestimate its small size and cute face – they can kill up to fifteen smaller preys in one night.

#7 Mandarin Ducks
Few ducks wear a costume as colorful and vibrant as the Mandarin Ducks. The male counterparts are clad in feathers of blue, purple, tangerine and teal. What make this breed even more delightful are their shy little ducklings. At their birth and introduction to this world, their mother could proceed to encourage the little ones to jump from their nest for their very first swim.

#8 Bearded Tamarin Monkeys
Like all sociable monkeys, the Bearded Tamarin Monkeys are a naughty breed. Despite their snow-white beard, which makes them look like old men – these monkeys are very small. In fact, they are same size as squirrels at full-grown. They live mainly in Peru and on the Amazon Basin.

#9 Gold Dust Geckos
For the reptile loves – these Gold Dust Day Geckos are a beautiful bright green with bronze specks on it. Nimble and equipped with special pads on their toes, they can climb a wide range of surfaces, such as glass, bamboo and trees. They reside in the wild animal kingdom of Madagascar and are only around seven inches long in length.

#10 Red Panda

A rare species from the Panda family, the adorable Red Panda is found mainly in the mountain ranges of Burma, southern Tibet, India, parts of China and Bhutan. Their bushy tails are not just an accessory to their cuteness – it makes them a master of balancing. They are also experts in survival, and can camouflage themselves in their natural environment with their rusty red and white fur.

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