From Giraffes who can run for weeks without sleeping to Desert Snails who can slumber up to three years at a time, we continue to examine the strange sleeping patterns of wild animals. Read on and be intrigued – or there just might a sleeping habit you can relate to.

#6 Platypuses

These adorable duck billed creatures are natural killers in their sleep. In fact, while in slumber, Platypuses are found to emulate the same body movements as ones used in hunting their targets. This would be a good sleeping habit to have, in case those burglars decide to visit deep into the night.

#7 African Papio Baboons

The African Papio Baboons make sleeping their best survival skills. Their slumber takes place in treetops, where they would stay perched on their heels, away from the reach of predators. Sleeping in trees would be a tad to dangerous for most human beings, so we would have to consider the alternative of a tree house instead.

#8 Bats

Bats are well known for sleeping upside down. While this may not seem like a comfortable position to us, it is a highly functional arrangement that allows swift takeoff in the case of sudden threats. The drop into their flights makes for a powerful soar into the skies.

#9 Albatross

These birds are too impressive – they can sleep while in flight. Albatrosses are the real deal of autopilot. Coupled with its animal instincts, it is able to avoid onslaught dangers and evade potential collisions. Humans are not blessed with the same abilities, but wouldn’t it be nice if we would sleep and work at the same time? We can only wish that someone else could help us complete our homework while we sleep.

#10 Ants

Although it has been widely debated that ants do not sleep – studies has shown that they do. However, unlike humans who require 8 hours of sleep a day, ants only need sleeping intervals of around 1 minute. However, it is hard to really label this as actual slumber, an one minute sleep is more like a quick snooze.

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