by m1kek0b3 | September 7, 2015 8:14 pm

When you have an essay due the next day but you are tired already from writing the first word, don’t you wish that humans did not need sleep? With their rather irregular sleeping behavior, there are animals in the wild that are exempt from such inconveniences. From ants to giraffe, from creatures that need little sleep to an over abundance of rest, let us take a look at these lucky few.

#1 Felines

The feline family – from smaller cats to larger lions – are ones who rest better in broad daylight. In fact, they function mainly at night. Being nocturnal hunters, this is when they would set out on their quests. This sleeping arrangement would be perfect for those who need to crunch for exam, or take care of screaming babies late into the night.

#2 Dolphins

Not only are they highly intelligent, dolphins has the advantage of sleeping with only their 50% of their brain in slumber. This means they can still half-function while they are taking their daily rest. This makes Dolphins the master of multi-tasking, and we all could do with some aid to juggle the many tasks in life.

#3 Horses and Cows

While us humans need to find a comfortable bed or sofa for a peaceful slumber, horses and cows are able to sleep while standing. This sleeping posture is so convenient that they could make any grassland or pasture their bed. Horses and Cows can sleep lying down as well – and interestingly, they can only have dreams when they do so.

#4 Giraffes
Randy Gardner broke the phenomenal record of going without sleep for 264 hours. This is probably as far as human limitations can go, whereas Giraffes can survive weeks without any sleep. This is definitely an enviable trait – sometimes sleeping just takes a good chunk out of our day.

#5 Desert Snail

Polar opposite of the Giraffe’s sleeping pattern, a desert snail can sleep for 1095 days – yes, that is three years. This would not be a bad trait to have either, for those who love and need their afternoon naps.

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